Sunday, May 10, 2009

a tribute to mothers...

I bet I’m the worst daughter in terms of thoughtfulness. I feel ashamed in myself that I did not remember that today, the world is celebrating the day for mothers. Thanks to my hubby he reminded me when he texted me informing that he’s on his way to the flower shop to get his mom a big bunch of flowers. Oh boy …

So I hurriedly sent my mom an sms greeting her a happy mother’s day. But unlike my boyfriend, I couldn’t go to the flower shop to get my mom some bouquets this late, she lives a pacific away. Hmmm, that’s quite a thousands of miles, I guess.

But thanks to my blog site, I have a way to express my gratitude to my mom and to all the moms of the world. Needless to say, I thank her for carrying me inside her for nine months and giving me the chance to see the world by risking her life when she gave birth to me. And all the tears she shed in giving me life and raising me well and proper, I would never be able to repay.

I had not seen my mom for four years now. So I’m looking forward to seeing her in July. I’m going to see her at last. There’s a story that I will tell her.

All the while I knew that I’m close to my mom. But that I’m closer to my dad given that I’m the oldest of six and the first girl. It’s a general knowledge that eldest girls are typically, daddy’s girls. But a difficult experience revealed something else to me.

When I first came to Bangkok, my appendix erupted that I had to have an emergency surgery. I went to a hospital and had the surgery all alone [the story is in the article “Living abroad with God]. When I woke up, still lying on the operating table, a terrible pain hit me. I was calling for help, weakly whispering, “Mama, mama!” It was her name and not my dad’s that automatically came out my mouth. It stuck in my head ever since.

Why not? Mothers, regardless of any situation and circumstance, endured so much just to bring you and me in this world. No one can remove that fact.

So today, the world is paying hats off to all mothers of the world. hApPy mOtHeRs dAy to all moms.

[I don't have any good photo of my mom. I just got this one from my brother's site in friendster. In this photo, my mom and dad were having a picnic in one of the beautiful water falls in the island of Palawan, Philippines.]

[My hubby and his mom. A perfect picture of a mother and son. .: Photo used with permision from the owner, Nilda Josko]

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