Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunshine at night

Fingers tangled together
Wrapped upon each other
The feel of his skin
Tucked above my shin
Is heaven

The warmth of his hug
And the smell of his neck
Are too strong for a tug
That sends my heart to its peak
Not bleak

A raise of his eyebrow
Means, a punch line he'll throw
With lips forming a line
Gives a handsome smile

The feel of his beard
Upon my fingertips
A chuckle is heard
When I touched him
Above the lips

The strength he gives
In my heart lives
Regardless of fear
He remains so dear
And bear

In the dimness of the night
Saved the shy moonlight
A question came unexpectedly,
"Will you wanna be with me?"
Struck me

As free as the river
So rich were the emotions
I never felt ever
Arms stretch wide in motion
Came a loud "Yes!"

Three common letters
My whole life is at stake
But I won't break

Sealed by a bear hug
Our hearts met
Await may the fog
Who would bet?
But God

I offer him a clean sheet
As white as a sheep
Yet to be written
His love statement
I'm waitin'

Isn't he brave enough
to take the fight?
Isn't he bold enough
to follow his heart?
Yet, isn't he trapped?

Moon and stars were shy
Giving way for that sunshine
In his arms that very night
A silent prayer in my mind
"Deliver him for me, Oh God!"

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