Friday, May 8, 2009

Adieu to my Sunshine

The stillness of my room
And the coldness of the walls
Defeat the warmth of the foam
I sat, alone.

Staring through the window
Pass through the balcony
The sky bestowed
It's gloomy.

No stars.
No moon.

Searching for the light
My eyes tried hard
Even just a candle light
I looked forward.

My heart yearns for that light
Is it shy?
My head faces the plight
Did it fly?

But I said goodbye
to that sunshine.

Not that I didn't want it to shine
Nor did I want it to hide
But that it was mine
for a short time.

Not that he didn't bear his light
Farther than a far he shined
But with curtains of light traps
He was trapped.

Who am I to free his snares?
If I'm, but a silhouette?

Blessed by that sunshine, I was
A treasure, he was.
Should I kill to reach the rays?
What's the price?

But I had to let go.

With a smile in my lips
And tears in my eyes,
Let me say "Adieu"
To my sunshine.

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