Saturday, May 16, 2009

Outgrowing barbie dolls...

They said that girls outgrow Barbie too early nowadays. Some reasons given were because Barbie dolls today are too pink, or because Barbie roles now are so predefined such as a ballerina or a singer thus leave no room for imagination.

I came across an article that discusses “Why do girls outgrow Barbie too early today” and it points out one biggest reason is culture. Culture nowadays forces young girls to grow quick shortening their being children. I’m kind of agreeing to that.

But I’m not going to talk about young girls outgrowing Barbie dolls too early; rather, I’ll talk about the other way around – grown up girls’ not outgrowing Barbie dolls.

I met several ladies, in their twenties or as young as fifties who still love to collect dolls and that include Barbie dolls. I myself am an avid doll collector. I have a collection of several types of dolls but my most precious collection is Barbie dolls. I don’t play with them, lol, but I collect and display them beautifully in my room. I just love to look at them.

Now, the question for me is why am I not – including some other girls out there – not outgrowing Barbie dolls as well as other dolls? I looked back into my younger years and tried to use some psychology to figure out why is this so. The only thing that I can point out as reason is, when I was young, my mom gave me some few cheap dolls to play with but forbade me to play with the expensive and more beautiful dolls. The expensive pretty dolls were only for displays and for my eyes to see. This type of practice actually has an effect on the child’s mind that will be inhibited on the latter years of life. For me, that’s not outgrowing dolls.

For the question of “why Barbie dolls then?” I guess the only answer is, because Barbie is a pretty ladylike doll. That’s all.


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