Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oprah can make or break a career…

Oprah can make or break a career? Now, that’s a wower. Why not? A great icon in the American media industry and the richest African-American, Oprah is considered the most influential woman in the world.

Did you notice? That anyone invited to guest in the “Oprah Winfrey Show” gets instant fame? [especially if they’re not yet celebrity!]Oprah’s search for the most talented kids in the planet for example was really admiring because she did not only invite them to guest in her show and display their talents, but she also lobbied for them to meet people who can actually help them land a career. One of the world’s most talented kids and the world’s singing sensation, Filipina named Charice Pempengco, now has a clear direction in becoming the next Whitney Houston. Charice is now handled by David Foster, Whitney’s ex music producer. She has sang with Celine Dion, she has met and worked with several world renown singers, she has delivered a song for Obama’s inauguration party, and just very recently, she was invited to sing a number of songs in Sanremo Italy during the country’s biggest singing competition. These all were because of Oprah’s lobbying for Charice.

Oprah has also featured and interviewed several other people from different fields and one particular person that grabbed my attention is author James Frey. Acccording to a yahoo article, Winfrey had been one of Frey’s most vocal boosters, naming his 2003 drugs-and-alcohol memoir “A million Little Pieces” one of her “book club” choices in 2005 making it a bestseller. “However, after it was revealed that Frey had invented some details in the supposedly non-fiction memoir and written that he once spent three months behind bars when in reality it was a few hours, Winfrey lambasted him as a guest in her show.” 1 During that instant debate in the show, Frey did admit the fabrications that he made. This lead to the readers doubt on Frey and eventually, his literary manager, Kassie Evashevski, dropped him over matters of mistrust. 2

I have my personal views regarding the slamming of the author and his publisher live on tv after they were invited for an interview by making them believe that the topic to be discussed would be about something else[or Frey and the publisher wouldn’t have come, who would?]. I found it quite harsh; however, by looking upon Oprah’s side, she felt betrayed and cheated thus prompted her to lambaste the author in her show.

There’s a good news though, Oprah, despite her being a big icon, knows how to apologize. She publicly apologized to Frey for that live confrontation. Frey accepted the apology and both were reconciled.

I just thought, it’s great for Oprah to be able to make or break a career. What are your thoughts about this?

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