Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yesterday was a big day, 'twas my birthday

Okay, so it was my birthday. Wow, you guys don’t have any idea how happy I was yesterday. I thought it would be a very quiet day. Birthdays stopped to matter a lot to me since I moved out from home and stood on my own at the age of twenty. Oftentimes I celebrated my birthdays quietly and alone. Sometimes, I even tend to forget, lol. But yesterday, I went to school thinking that nobody would know that it was my day. Big mistake… A lot of students were actually waiting for me to greet me “a happy birthday”. How did they know? Hmmm, thanks to all the social networks and they knew my birthday through face book. My own class, year 7a, were all smiling and greeting me well for my birthday. Even my students from Key stage 4, year 10, which students I teach IGCSE Mathematics were all excited to greet a happy birthday. It really feel so good to be remembered on my day especially if I don’t expect people to remember it.

Early yesterday morning, I and Joy [a co-teacher and a close friend] were walking together to school. She said she noticed something on me which she opted not to mention, she says I looked fresh and well dressed [well, just a little more than the everyday look, lol]. She didn’t know it was my birthday and I intended not to remind it to anyone even to close friends [simply because I didn’t want to buy a cake, lol]. Later at school, I passed on the corridors of Key Stage 2 where Joy teaches grade 6. She pulled me inside her room because she got some tiny gossips to tell. When I got into the room, the year 6 students stopped on whatever they were doing and sang a happy birthday for me. I was very surprised because I don’t teach elementary and I don’t know much of the students. But Joy was more than surprised. With wide eyes she inquired the class what was the song for. The class chorused “it’s teacher Glee’s birthday.” Joy hugged me and was giggling despite her embarrassment. That was really touching. Later in the afternoon, I went to year 7b for the last period and when I entered the classroom, the students were already standing singing the happy birthday song while their homeroom teacher Michael was smiling at the back. Again, I was touched.

I received a couple of gifts from my some of my students and the thoughts were simply overwhelming.

One boy from year 4 was in the language room where I was tutoring one student from key stage 3 after school. This boy is the son of my co-teacher who teaches Urdu language. He was hearing all the greetings and best wishes for me during the time that I was tutoring but he was just sitting quietly in the corner. When he’s mom called him because it was time to go home, he came to me and handed me a note [the greetings photo above], said “happy birthday” and ran out the room. It was the sweetest thing I received from the school that day.

After a one hour tutorial at school, hurriedly I head to the next tutorial outside school. I easily got an air-conditioned but and it surprised me that even the traffic was bad; it was not as bad as the other day. I got to my tutee’s house smoothly. The mom heard from her daughter that it was birthday; she prepared some meal for me as treat. After one hour, I then went to the third and the last tutorial. I had to take a bus and a ferry to get to the next tutee’s house. And again, the travel was smooth and I reached the house on time.

On my way home late at eight o’clock at night, sitted in the bus, I was reflecting on how my day went and how life was in the past year. It gave me so many smiles. I got a great life. God is so good to me.

When I reached the apartment, Joy and her baby, baby Alexis, were waiting for me outside and revealed the news that the packages from my boyfriend has come. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I knew that he sent me some love stuff but we were expecting it to come late. It couldn’t be much better. I was very excited, I took the baby from Joy and we swiftly went upstairs to the fifth floor.

I was opening the packages [both packets came together even if they were sent several days apart] while Joy was ordering some pizzas. I was filled with so much joy when I saw what my hubby has got for me. He’s the most thoughtful and loving guy I ever met [not to mention with the most expensive taste for stuff]. He’s mom sent me a card too wishing me well and happiness for life. We live far apart but he never fails to show his love.


I couldn’t ask more for a birthday. It was completely awesome.

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