Thursday, May 21, 2009

The best baby burp…

Okay, maybe it’s just my background or my homeland environment that makes me see things differently, but I just found it odd in this little planet where I am now – the best way to burp a baby.
In my country, mothers take the baby by their arms; carry it in a standing-like position making its head rest upon the shoulder every after feeding. This will make the baby burp naturally while it enjoys a protective caring hug. It is effortless. But just recently, my good friend Eunice delivered her third baby, Jaasiel Knowle, a very handsome boy who unfortunately, faced his first big plight in this world within his first few days – burping.

The proud parents noticed something extraordinary in their third bundle of joy. He has keen eyes with a very expressive face. He´s very sensitive and observant of his surroundings. He seems to dislike what his nurses claim to be “the best way to burp a baby’. Take a look and guess what baby Jaasiel thinks.

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