Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life's Journey

How wonderful is a child
He runs around and dance
In a moment he cries
Then in a sudden laughs.

Left with friends in the ground
With sticks and grasses to play
In danger is hapless but tough
Anything simple makes his day.

He shouts aloud and rolls
To dive or stumble alike
A child’s world indeed
Are rooms full of laugh.

How different is that of an old man
With legs frail almost lame
A single step takes all his strength
Only spirit can make a length.

If only his mind I can probe
Or in a conversation had drove
This question I have in mind
In life’s journey how to survive?

But I’m neither old man nor a child
A world of mountains I must climb
Like a beaming light the future sparks
To reach the top I leave to God.

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