Friday, May 8, 2009


He was awakened. He tried to look around but he couldn’t open his eyes. He considered for a moment if he was blind. “Where am I?” he asked. He couldn’t feel a thing. His body was numb, almost dead. His head was throbbing in pain. He reached for it but to his horror, his hands were tied. His feet were tied too. Panic struck him. He strived to open his swollen eyes. Everything was dark. He felt the cold breeze swaying him in the air. He froze. He was hanging in a tree. Both hands and feet were tied in a branch like a pig tied in a bough. Then with great voltage, the memories flooded back.

They were on their way to pick up their supply of food and ammunition. Suddenly, bullets came from everywhere. Soldiers had surrounded them. The rebels fought with all their lives back but they were squeezed. Many of them died including one of the chiefs. The survivors found their way back to the camp. But the route they took to pick up the supply was a secret one. How could the enemies figure it out? There must be a spy, the rebels had decided. Then, all eyes turned to him.

He was tortured. He was beaten terribly. Fist or paddle, all the same, hit him anywhere. But the most agonizing pain he had ever met was when he was tied in a tree. With his back on the trunk, his arms were tied around it. His legs were forced to split over a hundred-eighty degrees through tugging of the ropes tied to each of his ankles. He screamed. It was the last thing he remembered.

He wondered why they saved his life. He knew that anyone like him, once suspected, is beaten to death. Or perhaps a slow death?

His gut tightened. The picture of his friend flashed in his mind. Jim was like a brother. They were always there for each other. But things changed when one morning, Jim’s lifeless body was found beside the river among other dead rebels. Jim’s death ceased his world for a time. He could have saved him had he known his activities. But he didn’t.

He longed to avenge his friend’s death. Thus, he became one of the rebels’ new recruits. But unlike Jim who fought for blind cause, he was there to stop the terrorism that had ruined so many lives. He was indeed a spy. He supplied information to the military. He was an informer.

He didn’t regret why he took this mission. He knew it would cost his life. His only regret is the idea of not seeing his mom again. He could almost smell the aroma of her coffee that wakes him up every morning. He could feel her warm embrace around him. At twenty years of age, she still showered him with kisses and hugs. He was everything she has. He wondered how she would survive her life without a son. He groaned with the thought.

The pain was eating inside him. Alas! Death is bitter sweet. He craved for the end of his agony. He desired for the mercy of death. Yet in the corner of his mind, he saw his mom smiling. Tears sprung out his eyes. He will never see her again. He will never be there for her.

Suddenly, he heard gun fires everywhere. The rattle sound of guns was deafening. He closed his eyes waiting for his end. But then strong hands lifted him up, untied his feet and hands, and lowered him to the ground.

“You’re now safe, Enrico”, he heard a man said before he was engulfed in total darkness.

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