Friday, May 8, 2009

In doing what I love...

There's no other plight I face every morning when I wake up, and after I do my bed, but that's 'what I should wear for the day'. Oftentimes, when I open my closet, in deciding what to wear, I would say, 'how I wish i got more clothes'. And then an alter ego pops in, the practical side and say 'why? Don’t you have enough?' Oh sure, I got enough. But I want more. I need more choices, you know? And then I'll settle myself quick for a comfortable suit to aid me in a very demanding job, but that actually, does not make my day. I noticed that if I wear something that I feel sexy and elegant, it gives me more drive to work and thus, makes me more productive. I noticed this in myself ever since I figured out how important it is to look good. Simply put, clothes have big impact on me in terms of productivity.

But that's not all. I also have these girly fantasies in me typical to any other girl out there and that's wearing the most beautiful clothes in the world. All those fabulous designers’ clothes are all within reach in my dreams, lol. Who would know anyway? But this desire and love of fashion is boiling within me. And again, just within.

In the past five years, I devoted myself in creative writing. Writing poetry and prose was my sole outlet. I had written quite a number of poems, short stories, essays and articles about a variety of subjects, as well as a novel [which is halfway undone and has been sitting in the corner for two years now]. However, I write more when I feel sad and less when I'm happy. This was a puzzle that I was trying to figure out; why is my writing at its peak when I'm feeling down, broken hearted or frustrated? And what do I do more when I'm happy?

Well, it took me sometime to figure out. If I’m happy, my attention is actually focussed more on fashion. Lol. Yes, it’s true. Fashion for me is tantamount to happiness.

And so one day I've decided that it’s time to do what I love more. I have several blogs here and there, all creative writing, and for a time, they became a toil that I felt lazy doing them. But now, I’ve started blogging about something that I really love - fashion.

I named my blog "creative fashion" because creativity is my sole principle. This blog site is new and I am still learning on how to be efficient in doing this. So to all the guests who happen to visit my site, I welcome you all. I hope to give more for your enjoyment in the future.

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