Friday, May 8, 2009


When I wake up in the morning,
First thing in mind is you.
It brings me smile
All the while.

‘Cause the love that you have for me
Is too big and too much
To fill my heart;
Takes all part.

I’ve never been loved like you do
Nev’r been taken care of
As much you do
Just from you.

And because of this I love you.
I wish to share my heart
And all my love
Even life.

Yes, there are times that I am scared
Scared that I might fail you
But I’ll try hard
To be true.

If God has plan for me and you
A future together
Then don’t ever
Let me go.

I will love you with all my heart
Will try my best and be
Good girl always
Not bad girl : )

I know I can hurt you badly
At times that I do it
I feel so bad
I’m sorry

Before I close my eyes at night
Last words I hear from you
Magic words: One
Two Three Four

And I thank God for having you
A gem that’s rare to find
I can shout loud
I love you.

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