Saturday, May 9, 2009

The hassle of time management...

Hmmm, so let’s get started. It’s evening, the Sabbath is over and I’m sitting in front of my computer, blogging. I’ve got so many things to do such as improving the layout of both my blogs and many things in mind to post. The ideas are so jammed up and I can’t decide which to write about first.

But okay, let me get done by the layout editing first … but boy, I get sidetracked by so many sites I ended up visiting around.

And yet, the hubby is on the phone waiting, and is getting impatient. He feels that he’s no longer the priority since I started blogging, and thus, gets irritated easily.

It does not help that I got so many school work [me being the teacher] waiting which I purposely don’t bring at home.

I got the application for my MA waiting [deadline is coming] and who knows what will happen when my schooling starts.

I can’t do much either during the week since at least two tutorials are to be done daily after work.

And the more I feel the pressure, the more that blogging takes time. And what do I mean by this? The more that I want to write something with quality while the back of my head tells me to be quick because something else is waiting in line, the more that I can’t produce quality work.

But isn’t this all about time management? Or is this all about priority?

Let me discuss that in my next post, mean time, I gotta go pick the phone first.

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