Thursday, May 7, 2009

The duck and the zits

What a day I got
When I woke up with so much spots.
It ain’t my clothes that was filled though
But it’s that what I look first thing in the morning.
Why is my face filled with so much zits?
A therapist thus I must seek
Wait! I think its dermatologist.
But I don’t speak their own language;
To communicate thus I am scared.
If only all people on earth speak “English”.
And so I showed my face to the specialist.
She smiled and asks, “Do you eat duck?”
Bewildered, “Never!” I exclaimed.
She said again “You must eat duck.”
She pointed my zitty zits and said “eat duck”.
How can a duck take my zitties away?
Then she took a paper and pen and spelled her duck, “D-R-U-G”.
Thus I exclaimed, “Ahah! You want me to take medicine?”
A wide smile flashed her face and said “Yet, yet, yet.”
On the paper was spelled, “Y-E-S”.

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