Friday, May 8, 2009


Standing beside the window in her room, Julia avails the perfect view of the garden. Different kinds of flowers skillfully arranged graced the entire place. The flowers spread their petals to taste the warmth of the rising sun. Well trimmed grasses prepared to stand as the dews leave them to explore the atmosphere. The trees stood proud and strong bearing the thick green leaves that were always pleasing to the eyes. The fragrance of the roses diffuses in the air like a fancy perfume. Everything was arranged as though the landscaper had envisioned how they would look like at the perfect bloom. On any other day, this scenery will always raise her mood to its peak and she would go to work singing and loving every hour that pass. But this day isn’t just any day. Today, she had to face the biggest turn around in her life that she had never dreamt or anticipated.

She remembered how perfect things were. She had a wonderful fiancée, a trusted friend, and a good job. She was happy nursing her soon to be mother.

If only she told Michael the truth, things would have been different. But she was scared. She couldn’t bare the thought of losing him so she made him believe that she came from a decent family. She wanted to run away from her mother’s past. She had wanted to be accepted in his society. She tried hard to bury everything about her family. But she made one big mistake. She let Cindy dig in her past. Or was it really a mistake?

She lifted her face to hold the tears; but with a mind of their own, came rushing freely down her cheeks. The confrontation she had with Michael echoed in her mind. She closed her eyes.

“How could you do this to me?” His face was hard as stone. His look was deep and penetrating.

“I didn’t mean to.” Her voice was shaking. She couldn’t meet his eyes.

“You didn’t mean to hide that your mom was a whore? That she conceived you out from her profession? You made me believe a completely different story. Each day I had with you were days spent in lies.”

She was speechless. She wanted to reach for him but she couldn’t move.

“This isn’t gonna work Julia.” He said in a voice soft but firm.

“I’m sorry Michael but believe me I didn’t mean to …”

“This isn’t about your mom!” Michael interrupted. “This is about me and you. This is about trust.”

“Please give me another chance.” She reached for his hands but he shook them away.

“I found a new nurse for my mom.” He declared.

From behind the door, Cindy appeared. She went to his side and together, they held each other’s hand. It was all Julia needed to see. Things were made clear to her. Cindy, the woman whom she trusted her secrets, who promised to seal them even to her grave, was the one who informed Michael about it. The informer who took her man and her life away.

Her heart was crying but her eyes could offer no more tears. She opened her eyes and saw the entire garden very alive. She lifted her eyes to the sky. The clouds were moving lightly but gracefully. The blue background of the sky was comforting, offering peace.

With a deep breath and a sigh, she gave the garden one last glance. Then she turned her back and took her bags.

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