Thursday, May 7, 2009

Broken Dreams

It lurked behind the sun, watching
Waiting for the curtains to close,
When all dogs finished their dinner and
All vendors took their last satang.
At last it succumbed the entire city,
Spirits drifted up and down their sleep.
The shriek of silence so deafening

Underneath the soft cotton blankets,
Beside the silky pillows and
The hugs of plush toys,
A soul was fully awake.
Could anyone free her from those barricades?
Her hands struggled for freedom
But her wrists were tied.
She screamed for help but no one heard
The joyful song of the river swallowed her screams

The same soul stood above the waves.
Balancing, longing to cross to the other edge.
She dug squared fox holes deep down the ground,
But couldn’t find what she was looking for.
She needed to wash her hands,
But everywhere were glasses of wine.
Yet before anything could besiege her;
A whirlwind of fog surrounded her.

She focused her blurred vision, a figure.
Clad in white panama shirt
His long white trousers touched his feet
Every time he stepped;
His long eye lashes were very beautiful,
His full lips curved in a smile, inviting.
The gleams in his eyes hid their color
But wisdom they did mirror.

They trailed along side the beach.
Little breezes crept over polished water;
Ran towards the sand in lazy cottons
And touched their feet.
Birds were flying above their heads;
Flashed up and down in happy songs.
Hand in hand they beheld the beauty
Of their new found paradise.

But then birds’ songs turned into witch-like cries;
Echoed one after another.
Bright colors turned into gray
When from the water a predator
Came out hungry for prey.
In her own eyes, the violent whale took him away.
With tear-blind eyes she bowed,
His spectacles in her hands.
Her hands were free! They’ve been freed!
She jerked to run after him. She needed him back.
But lo! Her feet were bounded with chains.

The fire, hungry like a devil,
Crept along the branches;
Consumed the trunk of the towering mango tree,
Determined to reach the fruits.
She watched the healthy fruits gave in,

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