Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aside from technical skills, blogging teach me one thing ...

If there’s anything that blogging teaches me aside from technical skills, that’s improving my writing speed. It’s not an issue of encoding speed [got no problem with that I’m quite quick] but I’m referring to processing and organization of ideas and the continuous flow of them from the head down to the arms and to the fingertips straight to the keyboard while sharp eyes scan for errors before transporting them to the cyber world shortly thereafter.

Yes, writing speed and its value. I don’t need much time to figure out that in order for my blog to thrive, stand and blossom is for me to be consistent and reliable in publishing. I must be able to produce at least one article in a day, at least one. But blogging can also be a time waster. If I sit in front of my computer and start working, I lost count of hours because I simply get drawn to the fun it gives to me. But even if it became an additional time consuming task, I don’t get additional hours in a day. I still get only 24 hours day and night combined. So how would I manage to post materials everyday without fail? I figured out, writing speed.

Blogging is different from the way I was used to in writing. I was writing short stories, poems, novel [still undone anyway] and essays in the past and I did them whenever I had the drive. It wasn’t regular for me [even though I knew that writers should always keep a daily journal, a must]. I just pulled out my materials if I had spare time and if I was really into it. But spare time is hard to find. It has to be made.

Yet, there’s one writing tip that I recalled which I believe will really work in blogging. It’s writing anything that comes to mind and just keep writing anything that comes. I found that doing this actually harnessed my speed in writing. Delivering anything in mind actually does work because one way or another, when I see the blank document being filled with fonts, I realize that something is in there actually worth reading. Then I read it the second time and identify the theme, from there, I make some reorganization or quick editing and whew, it’s done.

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